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Image result for question mark png  What is a Restoration Contractor?

Restoration companies help to restore the damaged property to its pre-loss state. We never know when an accident is going to happen but knowing that you are working with a company who is confident and competent in what they do is key. Immediate response, initiating communication with your insurance adjuster and keeping you informed are a necessary part of the process! Restoration companies are also contractors in a highly regulated industry; they must be licensed and operate within the requirements of the Contractors State License Board as well as abide by all laws in regard to insurance claim repair.

Image result for question mark png  What are some safety and preparedness tips?

We may never know when tragedy will strike, but we can always be a step ahead in case it does! Keeping a fire proof and water proof safe for important and legal documents is a great idea that many insurance companies would advise one to do. Keeping a video or digital inventory as well is a wise decision. That way you have a way to jog your memory when you are asked to recreate the inventory of a room that may or may not be identifiable. Unfortunately, this happens quite often! Being prepared may take time but it is priceless when and if the need arises.

Image result for question mark png  What is the first step when you have experienced damage at your home or business?

The first step is to file a claim. Usually you can contact the claims department directly or your agent may be able to assist in making that call. An adjuster is assigned to your case in order to assess your property and advise you of the validity of your claim.  If you are dealing with water or fire damage there may be certain steps that you can take to prevent further damage to your property such as water removal and securing of the property for liability reasons. This is often a necessity prior to the adjuster arriving for their physical assessment of the property.

Image result for question mark png How do I know if I am being billed what the insurance is paying?

The insurance restoration industry is highly regulated for this reason. Xactimate is a program used to place a value on all claims, This stated value is important in arriving at the total cost to what is expected to repair your home. Anyone who is giving numbers prior to this stage I would be wary of.  Insurance work is much different from remodel and new construction. There are many moving parts that only an experienced restoration contractor will ensure that are being taken into account. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to what is going into your home.