About Us

About All County Environmental and Restoration

All County Environmental and Restoration is more than just an experienced contractor. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide safe, quick, and cost-effective restoration and remediation to properties damaged by flood, fire, or other catastrophes. We’re also a full-service repair, restoration, abatement and clean-up company, that can help keep your office or workplace safe, healthy, and free of environmental contaminants.

Our 24hour emergency response team is always on stand-by and ready to move quickly in response to your remediation and restoration needs, whenever they occur.

  The All County Promise

No one knows better than a contractor how important a strong foundation can be. No matter how great the disaster, a strong foundation can see you through and give you the sturdy base to build again. That is our promise at All County Environmental and Restoration. We aim to give all of our customers that sturdy foundation they can rely on—and from which they build their dreams and future.

  Our Client Commitment

What is the difference between a revolving-door contractor and one you return to again and again? Trust. At All County Environmental and Restoration, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients by demonstrating our commitment to their project. We know that we have to prove we care as much about the property as they do, and we demonstrate that every day by listening to their needs and concerns, doing everything we can to demonstrate our commitment to them and their project. With over 15 years in the remediation and restoration industry, All County has proven that a true commitment to our clients is the best route to success.

  Our Environmental Commitment

At All County, we take our commitment to environmental responsibility and stewardship so seriously that we put it right there in our name. We are proud to say that from the very beginning, we built sound environmental practices into every facet of our job. Our guarantee is simple: if, during a project, we create any further damage (no matter how minor), we’ve failed both our client and ourselves. And we will do whatever it takes to mitigate and repair it, immediately. We constantly work to familiarize ourselves with the latest techniques and expand our list of “best practices” accordingly.

This commitment means that All County employs fully certified, licensed, and experienced professionals who follow our strict environmental policies and procedures. Each of our departments engage in continual job training, policy and regulation briefings, and updates their quality control measures on a regular (even daily) basis. With such an aggressive approach to environmentally sound work practices, you can be assured that your property is in the best, most responsible hands.

Contractor State License Board # 812277